Concise, clear, insightful and original, the 7 Chakra Astrology series by Howla Jardali is also wonderfully positive and encouraging – even when she identifies one’s specific flaws and challenges.  She exhorts us to ‘own it’ and transmute that flaw into a strength.  Jardali’s series is a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in transformational astrology, spiritual and physical healing, and making our world a better place for all inhabitants. – S. Boykin 


Highly recommended. This overview of the basic elements of one’s character based on the day that one is born is very powerful. It’s so easy to slip out of balance and forget who we are and what our purpose is here on this planet, and Howla Jardali does an amazing job of highlighting the foundational characteristics that we carry with us throughout our lives, in good times and bad. I hope to see more developed on this highly recommended site. – Nancy Frampton


Enlightening! I am really enjoying this reading. It is very unique and deeply touches my heart. Thank you! – O. A.

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