About the Author

Howla Jardali is a chakra astrology specialist with a passion for helping clients see life as a creative adventure of self-discovery. She combines knowledge of alchemy, archetypal psychology, ancient yoga medicine and astrology into a magical contemporary blend that applies perfectly to today’s busy, often disconnected lifestyles. Beyond astrology, she hopes her books will help the readers come to know their innate gifts, and come to realize that they are already a masterpiece of wisdom – here for a purpose.

Howla’s books, THE SEVEN CHAKRAS AND THEIR RULING PLANETS and THE DAY OF THE WEEK ASTROLOGY, offer down-to-earth tools and exercises that can be easily applied in our busy lives. Her style is grounded and concise, and deals with metaphysical topics in a pragmatic way, with kindness, understanding and humour.

Howla’s passion is to help readers see your life as it really is: a mystical adventure of self-discovery.

Be here and enjoy!

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