The Seven Chakras and their Ruling Planets

THE SEVEN CHAKRAS AND THEIR RULING PLANETS, A Guide to Balancing Your Chakras and Discovering Your Full Potential

The book is an empowering resource for all who seek to know the mystical within. The book is a guide that addresses each chakra and its ruling planet, explaining how these relationships affect and inform our lives. It offers practical tools, advice and exercises for balancing, healing and activating each chakra.

Jardali’s strength lies in her ability to offer down-to-earth tools and exercises that can be easily applied in our busy lives. Her style, although poetic at times, is grounded and concise; her book deals with metaphysical topics in a pragmatic way, with kindness, understanding and humour.

‘This book will teach you how to tap into Universal forces – the powers that create worlds. These powers are now, at this very moment, already within you. In fact, you are made of these powers, and it is your birthright to use them. Within you, there exists a wealth of gifts, knowledge, wisdom and power. Within you, there reside incredible, otherwordly abilities to transform your life and manifest happiness and well-being.’


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